About Us

I have a knack for finding great clothes, at great prices, for my daughter, but it is also time-consuming.  During the summer of 2018, a local consignment store closed unexpectedly owing me (and many other parents) money and with dozens of my clothing items yet to be sold. I was not happy!  

Additionally, almost every parent I know talks about the cost, quality and time it takes to find clothing for their kids. The struggle is real, but I knew it didn't have to be.  Parents need better options for finding quality and affordable clothes. If they can support their schools, and other organizations they care about, in the process - without writing a check or selling anything - then #WINNING. 

As the mom of a child in a public school there are many needs that budgets don't cover and an extra few thousand dollars a year would be very helpful.  So, with my Mom's assistance, she's retired and needed a project, I decided to build it.  

We are helping parents to clothe their LITTLE TATTLETALES affordably while helping schools and nonprofit organizations make additional money.

Finally, if you are wondering where the name came from...Little Tattletales is named after my daughter and probably many of your children too. ;-)

We look forward to working with you,

Tami (Mom), Dana (Grandmother) and Isley (Little Tattletale)