FUNDRAISE WITH  Contact us to set up a fundraising drive or if you have any questions and need guidance on getting clothes ready to sell. 

As parents, we understand the financial needs many schools and nonprofits have.  We want to provide a fundraising option that can help fund art, music, field trips, uniforms, special programs, etc.

Consigning to benefit a school, organization or another program is easy with Little Tattletales and doesn’t require parents or students to be salespeople or to keep track of money and deadlines.  This is a fundraiser that doesn't require parents (and others) to open their wallets or write a check -- it only requires a parent to gather up clothes that don't fit anymore or aren't being worn and drop them off to your organization.  


Step 1: Register as a Consignment Donation Site. You register once a year prior to your item donation drive and parents can donate items all year long!

Step 2: Recruit parents to clean their kid’s closet & donate clothes.  Parents sort through their child’s items that are high quality, in excellent condition and too good to throw out.

Step 3: Schedule appointment for clothes pick-up or drop-off.  We are happy to schedule a time at your location to pick up items from parents (DMV only).  We sort through the items and choose the best in quality and style to add to our inventory.  Items not chosen can be returned or donated to local families in need.  If you are located outside of DC-MD-VA contact us about shipping. 

Step 4: We price and sell items. Our goal is to make you the most money possible, so we price everything by hand based on style, brand, and condition. As a nonprofit, you receive 50% of the selling price in cash, our normal cash rate is 40%.  We do not charge a start-up or maintenance fee.  We are invested in your success.

Step 5: Relax and wait for the $$$ to roll in! The 90-day consignment period begins when your items go on the sales floor. They sell at full price for the first 30 days. 25% off for the next 30 days. 50% for the final 30 days. After 90 days, we return items or donate unsold items to local charities that support families in need.